Itel S24: Name Sounds Familiar, Price Sounds Fantastic

Itel’s S series naming conventions are always a bit of a mystery. We jumped from the S17 to the S18, then last year it was the S23, and now we have the S24! It’s almost like a certain German car manufacturer which uses the same naming style in their ‘Luxury’ car series. But hey, who cares about names when the price is right? The S24 packs a surprising punch for a phone that costs between $105 and $150 USD.

Let’s dive into the specs! The S24 boasts a large 6.6-inch IPS LCD display, perfect for watching videos or endlessly scrolling through social media. It comes with a generous 8GB of RAM, which is a welcome surprise at this price point, allowing you to run multiple apps and switch between them smoothly. Storage options include either 128GB or 256GB, giving you plenty of space for your photos, videos, and ever-growing app collection. It’s no surprise that itel cut some corners to hit that sweet price point. The display resolution isn’t the highest, and the build is more plastic than glass. But the overall construction feels surprisingly sturdy for a budget phone. One cool feature is the color-changing back, reminiscent of the itel S23. And of course, there’s the ‘Dynamic Bar’ – a feature that definitely wasn’t inspired by a certain fruit-branded tech giant. Let’s just say the designers were clearly fans of the S24’s sleek design!

Under the hood, the S24 represents a major upgrade with the switch to a MediaTek Helio G91 processor. This is a significant improvement over the Unisoc chips used in previous models, which were known for their, ahem, ‘enthusiastic’ performance. I reviewed both the S23 and the P40+, and let’s just say gaming wasn’t exactly their strong suit. While the Helio G91 won’t turn the S24 into a gaming powerhouse, it’s a clear step up that makes everyday tasks smoother and allows for some light gaming And get this – the S24’s default wallpaper has a seriously familiar vibe. It’s got that swirly look and those nature-y colors that kinda remind you of staring at your desktop screen. Makes you wonder if someone at itel is a fan of a certain super popular operating system, you know?.

The 108MP camera on the S24 seems a bit too good to be true at first glance. Sure, it won’t compete with the Pixel 7a or the Nothing Phone 2a(my favorite midrange devices), but remember the price difference! Compared to its predecessors, the S24 should deliver noticeably better image quality, which is a win for budget-minded users.

Itel has a well-deserved reputation for excellent battery life, and the S24 doesn’t disappoint. The 5000mAh battery should easily get you through a full day of use, and potentially more if you’re not constantly glued to the screen. And if you’re a battery life champion, the itel P40+ might be your soulmate, boasting a whopping 7000mAh battery.

As with many Chinese smartphones, the itel S24 comes with its own custom software experience. There will be some pre-installed apps, some of which could be considered bloatware. Itel also has a fondness for including various ‘features’ that may not be quite as useful as they seem. However, itel’s custom Android skin, while not top-of-the-line, has a clean aesthetic. You might even run into their AI assistant, Aivana, who’s always eager to help (but might not quite measure up to Google Assistant, I’m just saying).

Overall Impressions (Without a Test Drive)

While I haven’t personally reviewed the S24 (this whole review is based on insights from other reviewers, so maybe I might have said too much for someone who doesn’t have first-hand information), it’s clear that you’re getting a lot of smartphone for a remarkably low price. The S24 strikes a great balance between features and affordability. If you’re not a power user who demands the latest and greatest technology, this could be the perfect daily driver. The big display, decent performance, surprisingly capable camera, and long-lasting battery should cover most people’s needs without breaking the bank.

When to Consider Alternatives

However, there are some scenarios where itel’s other offerings or even competing brands might be a better fit. If 5G connectivity or wireless charging is a must-have for you, the itel P55 lineup is worth considering. Additionally, if you prioritize camera performance above all else, the Google Pixel 7a or even the Nothing Phone 2a(yes, these two again) might offer a more satisfying experience, although be prepared to pay a bit more for those upgrades.

The Bottom Line

The itel S24 is a compelling option for anyone seeking a capable smartphone on a tight budget. It won’t blow your mind with high-level specs, but it delivers remarkable value. If you simply need a phone that handles everyday tasks smoothly, has a decent camera, and keeps going all day long, the S24 is well worth a closer look.

Here’s a table summarizing the key specs of the Itel S24:

Display6.6-inch, 720 x 1612 pixels IPS LCD
Storage128GB or 256GB eMMC 5.1
ProcessorMediaTek Helio G91
Front Camera8MP
Rear Camera108MP + QVGA
Operating SystemAndroid 13

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