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Zimbabwe’s Oldest Marketplace: Classifieds

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Classifieds have been around for a very long time now, and they just might be the oldest marketplace we have in the country. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes Classifieds by Web Dev a unique and valuable platform for Zimbabweans.

UI (User Interface)

Navigating the Classifieds site is a breeze. The design is intuitive and visually appealing, with a clean layout that makes finding what you need straightforward. Categories are well-organized, and the search function is robust, allowing users to filter results effectively. Whether you’re looking for housing, groceries, the site’s user-friendly interface ensures you can find what you need without hassle. The site is packed with content, making it an ideal marketplace for you to shop. The variety of products available is one of the platform’s strong points, providing users with numerous options to choose from. One of the standout features of Classifieds is that the site is not filled with annoying ads. Instead, they have their own marketing service where people can pay for ad slots. This system is a great advantage as opposed to using Google Ads, as it ensures that the ads are relevant and non-intrusive. This also helps keep the site clean and user-friendly, enhancing the overall browsing experience.


The site’s performance is impressive, especially for its size. Loading times are quick, and the elements on the page load faster than many other marketplace websites. According to Google Pagespeed Insights, Classifieds scores well, meaning users won’t experience frustrating delays while browsing or making purchases. This performance edge is crucial for maintaining a pleasant user experience.

Classifieds Pagespeed insights for mobile devices.
Classifieds Pagespeed insights for desktop devices.

Market Size

The platform boasts a large and active user base, with many buyers and sellers regularly engaging in transactions. This extensive market size ensures that you’re likely to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a rare item or something more commonplace. The bustling activity on the site also means that sellers have a good chance of reaching a wide audience.

Exclusive Feature: Dating Platform

This is a Classifieds exclusive. I mean, we have seen others like Zimjolo try to do it and yes, I did mention this before in my previous article, but Classifieds really did it. It’s impressive. And like I mentioned before, the dating platform isn’t that famous, and I don’t think it will be because of how we do things here in Zimbabwe, but a great thanks to Classifieds for trying. It’s sort of like drifting away from their purpose, but it shows their willingness to innovate and try new things.


Classifieds is one of the marketplace websites we must utilize completely as Zimbabweans. The site’s safe, fast, and fully packed with products to buy from various sellers. Its user-friendly interface, strong performance, and extensive market size make it a top choice for online shopping. While the exclusive dating platform might not be a hit, the effort to diversify is commendable. As we continue to support and use platforms like Classifieds, we contribute to a more vibrant and connected marketplace in Zimbabwe and soon enough.

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