Why I Chose Spotify Over Apple Music: A Month Later

So A month ago, I reviewed other music streaming services, looking for a replacement for my beloved Spotify, and boy, was it a promising ride particularly with Apple Music. So I decided to give it a try. The sleek and intuitive user interface, the smart algorithm that quickly picked up on my musical tastes, and the delightful animations – all these features made it seem like Apple Music might be my new go-to music streaming service. But after a month of testing, I found myself sticking with Spotify. Let me tell you why.

Apple Music: First Impressions

When I first started using Apple Music, I was very impressed. Trust me. The user interface was clean and visually appealing, arguably a lot better than Spotify’s static design. The animations added a nice touch of personality, making the experience feel more premium. Plus, the algorithm was quick to grasp my musical preferences, playing songs by my favorite artists and suggesting similar ones after just a few searches and one day in, I already had a fully stocked homepage with my favorite tunes. The “Top 100” playlists were a hit, offering me the latest music from both the UK and Zimbabwe, which was a nice touch.

However, as I continued using the service, a few shortcomings started to surface, particularly when compared to Spotify.

Cross-Device Playback

One of the biggest factors in my decision to stick with Spotify was the seamless integration with multiple devices. This is something I also gave strong emphasis on when I wrote the previous article, it’s a feature that I’m very much used to having and I can’t let it go. Both Apple Music and Spotify restrict playback to one device at a time, which makes sense – after all, you’re only one person, you can’t listen to music on two different devices at the same time. But here’s where Spotify shines: you can control playback across all your logged-in devices. For instance, I could start playing music on my TV and then use my phone or laptop to skip tracks, adjust the volume, or queue up a new playlist. This kind of flexibility isn’t available with Apple Music. Attempting to control playback from another device will simply stop the music, which can be pretty frustrating.

AI DJ and AI-Generated Playlists

Another standout feature of Spotify is its AI DJ and AI-generated playlists. These are real game-changers. The AI DJ curates music based on your listening habits, mood, and even the time of day, creating a highly personalized experience. It’s still in beta so it’s not yet perfect, but it works. Sometimes it plays the same selection over and over again, frustrating? Yes, but as soon as you reset it, it works well. And one more thing is that it’s not yet available on TVs, well at least for the one I have so there’s no AI DJ voice when I’m playing on the TV but it’ll be doing all the hard work in the background. The AI-generated playlists are similarly impressive, constantly updating with new tracks that fit your taste. Although I haven’t used these much since the AI DJ is perfect for me. Apple Music, on the other hand, doesn’t offer anything quite like this. While their algorithm is good at suggesting similar artists and genres, it doesn’t match the level of personalization that Spotify’s AI features provide.

Algorithm Accuracy

In my initial review, I praised Apple Music’s algorithm for quickly learning my preferences. And while it did a decent job initially, over time, I found it being a bit too broad in its selections, if you get what I’m saying. It often played tracks that had no real connection to my initial choices, despite trying to stay within the same genre or artist pool. This was a bit of a letdown, especially when I was in the mood for something specific. In contrast, Spotify’s algorithm seems to have a better handle on my tastes, consistently delivering playlists and recommendations that hit the mark.

Final Thoughts

So, after a month of using Apple Music, I’ve decided to stick with Spotify. The seamless cross-device playback, the impressive AI DJ, and the more accurate algorithm all played a part in my decision. Don’t get me wrong, Apple Music is still a fantastic service with a top-notch user interface and a vast music selection. If they could improve their cross-device functionality and fine-tune their algorithm a bit more, they’d be hard to beat. But for now, Spotify remains my go-to place for music streaming.

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