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The New Pindula Marketplace: A Step Backwards?

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Today, I want to talk about a significant change in the Zimbabwean online shopping scene, specifically concerning the Pindula Marketplace, and yes, this is not the first time. As we’re restarting the Zimbabwean Marketplace website series, I thought it would be great to restart with the ones we covered before. So some of you might remember it as a bustling hub for all sorts of goods, from clothing and electronics to homeware and more and like I said, I wrote an article about ‘that’ Pindula Marketplace. Well, those days are gone. Let’s dive into what’s happened to Pindula Marketplace and how it’s affecting us all.

The Old Pindula Marketplace

For those who aren’t familiar, the Pindula Marketplace used to be a vibrant platform where you could find a wide range of products. It was like our very own Amazon, sort of :). Sellers from all over Zimbabwe listed their items, and buyers had the convenience of shopping for anything and everything from the comfort of their homes. It was particularly handy for those who wanted to support local businesses. You could find unique items and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Ah, the good old days!

What’s Changed?

Fast forward to today, and Pindula Marketplace has undergone a radical transformation. Now, you can only buy gadgets, and they’re limited to a few specific brands: Samsung, itel, and Tecno. This drastic change happened last year, but I’m only writing about it now because I’m restarting my Zimbabwe Marketplace Series, revisiting platforms I had reviewed the first time around.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Limited Product Range: Gone are the days when you could browse through a variety of products. Now, it’s strictly gadgets from Samsung, itel, and Tecno.
  • Simplified Purchase Process: You no longer need to create an account. To buy a gadget, all you need to do is enter your name, phone number, and address. However, there’s a catch – they only deliver within Harare. This lack of support for other cities is quite frustrating.
  • Payment Methods: You can pay using EcoCash, OneMoney, InnBucks, or opt for cash on delivery. A $5 delivery fee applies to every order.

Final Thoughts

The new Pindula Marketplace feels like a shadow of its former self. While it’s great that you can easily buy gadgets from top brands, the lack of variety, limited delivery area, and the overall reduction in service are hard to overlook. It’s a disappointing turn of events for what was once a great marketplace.

Let’s hope that in the future, Pindula will consider broadening its offerings again and bringing back the vibrant marketplace that many of us came to rely on.

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