Nothing’s New CMF Devices: What We Know So Far

The buzz around Nothing’s new CMF brand devices is growing, and I’m here to break down everything we know so far. While information is still scarce, some intriguing details have emerged that are worth going over.

Upcoming Devices Under the CMF Brand

Nothing is gearing up to launch several exciting devices under their new CMF brand. The devices are:

  1. CMF Buds Pro 2
  2. CMF Watch 2
  3. CMF Phone 1

CMF Buds Pro 2

The CMF Buds Pro 2 are the successors to the CMF Buds Pro, rather than the more affordable CMF Buds. Given the performance and features of the first CMF Buds Pro, we can expect the CMF Buds Pro 2 to deliver even better sound quality, active noise cancellation, and improved battery life. These earbuds are likely to continue with the sleek, minimalist design that CMF by Nothing is known for, providing a premium listening experience at a competitive price. And remember, if you want the transparent and a more premium feel, there’s always the Ear lineup.

CMF Watch 2

The CMF Watch 2 follows the original CMF Watch and is expected to come with notable improvements. The first CMF Watch ran on a proprietary OS, and it’s likely that the CMF Watch 2 will continue this trend. Features may include enhanced health tracking, longer battery life, and seamless integration with other Nothing devices and also other android phones which support Fast Pair.

CMF Phone 1

The CMF Phone 1 is perhaps the most intriguing and hyped of the upcoming devices. Here’s what we know as of now:

  • Repairability: Nothing recently posted a picture of a screwdriver on their socials, teasing that the CMF Phone 1 might be designed with ease of repair in mind. This could be a game changer in an industry where repairability is often sacrificed for design.
  • Unique Design Feature: Nothing also teased an image of a dial located at one of the phone’s bottom corners, presumably the right one. This unusual feature could serve various purposes, from volume control to custom shortcuts, adding a unique twist to the user experience.

Announcement Date

All these devices are expected to be announced during Nothing’s Community Update on July 8th. This event is highly anticipated, as it will give us a first look at the new CMF brand’s offerings. Given Nothing’s penchant for innovative design and user-centric features, the keynote promises to be an exciting reveal.


Nothing’s new CMF brand is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the tech landscape. With innovative design cues, a focus on repairability, and intriguing new features, these devices could set new standards in their respective categories. The upcoming update on July 8th will provide more clarity and hopefully, answer all our burning questions.

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