Nothing More, Nothing Less: Ear and Ear (a) Review

The buzz around the new Nothing Ear and Ear (a) earbuds was impossible to ignore. Yet, responsibility called. I was deep into developing my AI blog, Tino Talks Tech AI, a passion project where I explore the fascinating and rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence.

But, even amidst the intrigue of working with advanced AI models, the allure of reviewing Nothing’s latest audio offerings proved too strong. With their signature transparent design and promises of upgraded sound quality, curiosity won out.

So, consider this my brief detour from the realm of AI. Let’s delve into the world of audio and find out if these earbuds live up to the hype. (And if you find yourself intrigued by the AI realm, do take a moment to visit Tino Talks Tech AI – you might just discover a new source of tech fascination!)

The Nothing Ear

Sound Evolution in a Ceramic Package

Nothing has returned with a new generation of their simply named “Ear” earbuds. This iteration boasts significant upgrades across a number of key areas, promising a substantial leap over the previous generation.

Let’s start with the heart of any audio device – sound quality. The Ear features a unique 11mm custom ceramic driver. Ceramic diaphragms are prized for their rigidity, which helps to reduce distortion and produce a cleaner, more detailed sound. Additionally, Nothing claims that this new ceramic driver design allows for a 10% increase in airflow within the earbud, promising even richer clarity across all types of music.

Noise? Not On Your Watch

The Ear takes noise cancellation to a new level with a significant boost in effectiveness. It boasts Smart Active Noise Cancellation that can block up to 45dB of external noise. To put this in perspective, this noise-canceling strength is a claimed 1.8x improvement over the already impressive capabilities of the previous Nothing Ear (2).

Nothing delivers intelligence as well as strength with the Ear’s smart capabilities. The earbuds automatically analyze fit and noise leakage, adjusting their noise cancellation output accordingly to ensure you always get the most immersive experience possible.

Power and Freedom

Battery life gets a major upgrade too. The Ear promises up to a staggering 40.5 hours of listening time. Wireless charging is now supported with up to 2.5W charging speeds, and you can even get a quick boost by placing the case on the back of a compatible device like the Nothing Phone (2).

Seamless connectivity is a hallmark of Nothing’s ecosystem. Thanks to the Dual Connection feature, you can effortlessly pair the Ear with two devices at once. This is a lifesaver if you need to quickly switch between your laptop music and answering a call on your phone.

Pocket-Sized Performance and Personalization

Nothing specifically calls out the compact size of the Ear. If portability is a priority, this suggests they’ve maintained a small form factor. But don’t mistake small for weak – this ceramic driver technology packs a punch, I had to repeat this :).

The software and app-side of the experience see improvements too. Gamers will appreciate the Low Lag mode specifically designed to reduce audio delay (especially important on the Nothing Phone). An 8-band EQ grants precise control over sound frequencies, and the Personal Sound Profile looks to tailor the audio output to your specific hearing for the most optimal listening.

Design & Price

The Nothing Ear maintains a price point of £130, similar to its predecessor, the Ear (2). This places it in a competitive segment of the earbud market. It’s already available for purchase directly through the Nothing website and on Amazon.

Looking Ahead

Overall, the “Ear” presents itself as a major, worthy successor to Nothing’s previous audio outings. It appears Nothing has invested heavily in refined sound quality, substantially more robust noise cancellation, and smarter software-driven features.

The Ear (a)

Playful Design, Powerful Sound

The Nothing Ear (a) immediately distinguish themselves with a unique, playful design language inspired by the practicality of everyday pill packets. While transparent elements are a Nothing signature, the Ear (a) goes bold with a vibrant yellow colorway that the company describes as reflecting the bright, powerful sound within. These earbuds make a statement from the moment you hold the case in your hand.

At a lightweight 49.2g for the case and 4.8g per earbud, the Ear (a) promises extended comfort for hours of listening. The slimmer, rectangular case design seems tailored to slip effortlessly into pockets for on-the-go music.

Noise? What Noise?

Noise cancellation is a major selling point for the Ear (a), boasting up to 45dB of active noise cancellation. This marks a substantial leap over previous Nothing offerings, allowing you to tune out the world around you, whether in a quiet space or a bustling city street.

This isn’t just brute-force noise blocking; the Ear (a) features Smart Active Noise Cancellation. The earbuds intelligently analyze your ear canal for noise leakage, constantly fine-tuning their output to provide a truly personalized noise-canceling experience tailored for your ears.

Audio That Packs a Punch

Inside the Ear (a) resides a large, powerful 11mm dynamic driver, which promises substantial, audiophile-pleasing sound. Nothing emphasizes the capability of this driver to work seamlessly with the LDAC codec for high-resolution audio streaming on compatible devices, a feature sure to excite those who demand top-tier audio quality.

Nothing hasn’t forgotten bass lovers either. The Ear (a) utilizes a Bass Enhance algorithm to deliver a rich, deep low-end experience. Expect customization here too, with the possibility to tweak the level of bass delivered to suit your preference.

Endurance Meets Efficiency

Battery life is impressive. Nothing claims the Ear (a) can deliver a staggering 42.5 hours of total listening time. This suggests an improvement in both earbud longevity and the number of charges the case can hold, a significant win for long commutes or extended periods away from an outlet.

Software Magic for Calls & More

Call quality sees a major upgrade. Ear (a) promises to isolate your voice for crystal-clear phone conversations even in bustling environments. Nothing boasts that improvements to the microphone and an extra airway on the stem reduce wind interference by 60% compared to its previous model.

There’s companion app, Nothing X has a dedicated EQ, which offers a high level of sound customization, whether with presets or direct control over frequency bands. And although it’s already top-tier, future software updates could potentially offer new features or further refinement to the sound and noise-cancellation capabilities.

Price & Availability

The Nothing Ear (a) delivers impressive features at a highly competitive price point of £99. The earbuds are already available for purchase directly through the Nothing website and on Amazon, offering immediate access to this exciting new audio product.

The Value Proposition

At £99, the Nothing Ear (a) punches well above its weight class. The combination of powerful noise cancellation, high-resolution audio potential via LDAC, strong battery life, and unique design offers significant value compared to other earbuds at this price. This makes them a compelling option for anyone seeking an audio upgrade without breaking the bank.

The Verdict?

The Ear (a) appears to be a compelling leap forward for Nothing. They boast an eye-catching, playful design, extremely powerful noise cancellation with personalized smart features, substantial sound upgrades, and long-lasting battery life. I already expected the Nothing Ear (a) to make waves upon their launch and they did.

ChatGPT Integration: A Smart Leap for Nothing

Nothing is revolutionizing the way you interact with AI on the go. Introducing a groundbreaking ChatGPT integration, available now on the Nothing Phone (2), Ear, and Ear (a) earbuds. Seamlessly ask questions, gain insights, and learn from the powerful AI chatbot directly through your earbuds. This unprecedented integration demonstrates Nothing’s commitment to cutting-edge features and creating a truly connected ecosystem.

While currently exclusive to the latest devices, the magic of ChatGPT will extend to all Nothing devices. Phone (1) and Phone (2a) users, stay tuned – software updates will soon unlock this transformative feature for your earbuds and phone as well, expanding the possibilities of AI integration throughout the Nothing ecosystem.


Both the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) represent exciting steps forward for the young company. The Ear demonstrates their commitment to refining sound, power, and intelligent features, while the Ear (a) showcases their playful design instincts and ability to offer impressive tech at an accessible price point. Whichever model you choose, you’re getting a compelling audio experience with signature Nothing flair.

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