The Secret Behind NetOne’s Free 4G Internet: A Network Vulnerability That Anyone Can Exploit

Image credit: Techzim
Image credit: Techzim

NetOne, one of the largest mobile networks in Zimbabwe, has been facing a serious security breach that allows its users to access the internet for free on 4G without any special configurations on their devices. The breach has been reported by several users on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to some sources, the breach was discovered by accident by some users who noticed that they could still browse the internet even after their data bundles had expired. The users realized that the network was not deducting any data charges from their accounts when they were using 4G. The users then shared their discovery with their friends and contacts, who also confirmed that they could access the internet for free on 4G.

The breach soon spread among NetOne users, who started to enjoy unlimited free internet on their smartphones by switching to 4G. Many users reported that they were able to stream videos, download files, and use social media apps without paying for data bundles. Some users also posted screenshots and videos of their free internet browsing on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

However, not all users were happy with the breach. Some users complained that the free internet was slow and unstable, and that it affected their normal data usage. Some users also expressed concern about the legality and ethics of using the breach, and warned others about the possible consequences of violating NetOne’s terms and conditions. NetOne has not yet issued any official statement or response regarding the breach.

However, some sources claim that NetOne is aware of the issue and is working on fixing it as soon as possible. The sources also claim that NetOne may take legal action against the users who abused the breach(P.S Not my handwriting). The breach has raised questions about NetOne’s security and reliability as a mobile network provider. It has also exposed the high demand and need for affordable and accessible internet services in Zimbabwe, where data costs are among the highest in Africa.

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