Spotify VS Spotify Lite: Why I Prefer Spotify Lite Over Spotify

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, with millions of songs, podcasts, and playlists to choose from. However, not everyone has a high-end smartphone or a generous data plan to enjoy Spotify to the fullest. That’s why I decided to give Spotify Lite a try, and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Spotify Lite is a lighter and simpler version of the Spotify app, designed for older and less powerful Android phones. It only takes up 10 MB of space, compared to 85 MB for the regular app. It also has some features that help reduce data usage and battery consumption, such as setting a monthly data limit and disabling background playback.

Here are some of the reasons why I prefer Spotify Lite over Spotify:

  • It’s faster and smoother. Spotify Lite loads quickly and runs smoothly on my phone, even when I have a weak internet connection or low storage space. It doesn’t lag or crash like the regular app sometimes does.
  • It’s easier to use. Spotify Lite has a simple and intuitive interface, with fewer options and settings to worry about. I can easily find my favorite songs, artists, and playlists in the Favorites tab, without having to browse through different categories and menus.
  • It’s more affordable. Spotify Lite lets me control how much data I use for streaming music, by setting a monthly limit and showing me how much I have left. It also saves battery life by stopping playback when I lock my screen or switch to another app. This way, I can listen to more music without worrying about running out of data or power.

Of course, Spotify Lite is not perfect. It has some drawbacks that might bother some users, such as:

  • It doesn’t support offline mode. Unlike the regular app, Spotify Lite doesn’t let me download songs and listen to them offline. This means that I need an internet connection to play music, which can be inconvenient at times.
  • It doesn’t have some features that I enjoy. Spotify Lite lacks some of the features that make Spotify fun and unique, such as podcasts, Canvas animations, Car View, gapless playback, crossfade, and more. I miss some of these features when I use Spotify Lite, especially podcasts.
  • It doesn’t have the same sound quality as Spotify. Spotify Lite offers three options for streaming quality: low (24 kbps), normal (96 kbps), and high (160 kbps). These are lower than the options available on Spotify: normal (96 kbps), high (160 kbps), very high (320 kbps), and automatic (depends on your network). This means that the sound quality on Spotify Lite is not as good as on Spotify, especially if you have good headphones or speakers.

Despite these limitations, I still prefer Spotify Lite over Spotify for my daily music needs. It suits my phone, my budget, and my preferences better than the regular app. If you have a similar situation as mine, you might want to give Spotify Lite a try too.

You can download Spotify Lite from the Google Play Store in 36 countries across Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and Asia. You can also sideload it from other sources if it’s not available in your country. You can use it with your existing Spotify account or create a new one.

Spotify Lite is not a replacement for Spotify, but a complement. You can use both apps on your phone if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, if you have to choose one, I would recommend Spotify Lite for its simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

What do you think of Spotify Lite? Do you prefer it over Spotify or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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