Konami’s eFootball 2024 is overrated: What’s bad about it?

Konami’s eFootball 2024 is a free-to-play football game that was released on September 30, 2023. It is the successor to eFootball 2023, which was widely criticized for its poor graphics, gameplay, and lack of content.

While eFootball 2024 has made some improvements over its predecessor, it is still a very flawed game. Here are some of the things that are bad about it:

  • Graphics: The graphics in eFootball 2024 are still below the standard of other AAA football games, such as FIFA 24 and PES 2023. The player models are particularly bad, and the game often looks like it is running on last-generation hardware.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay in eFootball 2024 is also below the standard of other AAA football games. The game is slow and unresponsive, and the animations are often clunky and unrealistic.
  • Content: eFootball 2024 launched with a very limited amount of content. The game only has a few game modes, and there are only a handful of licensed teams and leagues.
  • Microtransactions: eFootball 2024 is a free-to-play game, but it is supported by microtransactions. These microtransactions allow players to purchase in-game items such as player cards, kits, and managers. However, the prices of these items are very high, and many players feel that they are essential to be competitive in the game.

In addition to the above, eFootball 2024 has also been criticized for the following:

  • Commentary: The commentary in eFootball 2024 is very repetitive and uninspired. The commentators often fail to accurately describe the action on the pitch, and they often make the same mistakes repeatedly.
  • Bugs and glitches: eFootball 2024 is full of bugs and glitches. These range from minor annoyances to game-breaking errors.
  • Poor customer support: Konami’s customer support for eFootball 2024 has been very poor. Many players have reported that it is difficult to get help from Konami when they encounter problems with the game.

Downloading the commentary

One of the most bizarre things about eFootball 2024 is that players have to download the commentary separately. This means that even after downloading the 2GB base game, players still have to download an additional 1GB file if they want to hear the commentators during matches. This is a very unusual practice, and it is something that has been criticized by many players.

Positive features

Despite its many flaws, eFootball 2024 does have some positive features. These include:

  • Free-to-play: eFootball 2024 is a free-to-play game, which means that anyone can download and play it without having to spend any money. This is a major advantage over other AAA football games, such as FIFA 24 and PES 2023, which require players to purchase a full-priced game.
  • Cross-play: eFootball 2024 supports cross-play, which means that players on different platforms can play against each other. This is a great feature for players who have friends who play on different platforms.
  • Potential for improvement: eFootball 2024 is still a relatively new game, and Konami has said that they are committed to improving it over time. This means that there is potential for the game to become much better in the future.


Overall, eFootball 2024 is an overrated game. It is still full of flaws, and it is not worth playing in its current state. However, the fact that it is free-to-play and that Konami has said that they are committed to improving it means that it is worth keeping an eye on in the future. For more football games for Android check out Top 5 Soccer Games for Android: Kick Off the Fun on the Go!

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