Zimbabwean developers launch own chat app specifically for VPNs


In recent years the use of VPN softwares to get alleged ‘Free internet’ has increased with VPN softwares becoming very popular in the country. Amidst all this content creators focused on the topic had to use popular media platforms WhatsApp, YouTube and Telegram but a group of Zimbabwean developers finally made an app specifically for VPN talk. In this article we will explore an Android app that combines a community chat and the ability for users to publish VPN settings and VPN configuration files called ZimVPN Talk.

The developers

There’s not much to go around about the developers but all I could get is that the founder of the app is called Nengoz who is a well known personality in the VPN world. He is also a developer who has released a couple of apps on his own. Below is the developer team list. 

PS: I’m not the one named Tino Tech

The App’s Features

The ZimVPN Talk app we are discussing today goes beyond traditional chat platforms by incorporating the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). It provides users with a public chat forum where they can interact and by publishing VPN settings and configuration files users can enjoy enhanced privacy and security during their conversations.

1. Public Chat Forum:

The app offers a public chat forum where users can engage in discussions on various topics. This forum fosters a sense of community enabling users to connect and exchange ideas. Participants can freely while moderators ensure that conversations remain respectful and engaging. There are multiple account types which range from Basic to Premium(which is still under development). The list’s below

2. VPN Integration:

The unique aspect of this app is its integration with VPN technology. Users can publish VPN settings such as server locations protocols and encryption options. Additionally they can share VPN configuration files (.ovpn which automate the setup process for other users.

Benefit of using the App

Enhanced Freedom of Expression:

The public chat forum empowers users to share their thoughts opinions and experiences openly. This fosters a diverse and inclusive community where individuals from different backgrounds can engage in dialogue without the fear of discrimination or censorship. Se some screenshots from the app below:

In the second image, there’s the chat page where you can see me asking if there’s a direct messaging option😅. 

Click this link to download the app

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