Zimbabwean Marketplace Series: Classifieds

We’re now at the quarter of our marketplace series and I’ve written about 4 marketplace websites so far. These are the following
Today we’re talking about Classifieds


Classifieds have been around for a very long time now and they just might be the oldest marketplace we have in the country. The brand has been evolving till it reached the point it is now, the way their logo has been transforming till now says it all.


Classifieds features a lot of amazing content found within different categories. From housing to groceries, they have it all. Their site is packed with content which makes it an ideal marketplace for you to shop.

Dating Platform

This is a classifieds exclusive. I mean we have seen others like Zimjolo try to do it but classifieds really did it, it’s impressive. The dating platform isn’t that famous, and I don’t think it will be because of how we do things here in Zimbabwe but a great thanks to classifieds for trying.


The site’s got some pretty decent speed for one of it’s size. Personally, I find no problem in the site’s loading speed and the elements load faster than other marketplace websites. Here’s the Google Pagespeed Insights test results:


This is one of the marketplace websites we must utilize completely as Zimbabweans. The site’s safe, fast and fully packed with products to buy from various sellers. One notable feature of the site is the 18+ Dating Platform which has just been introduced.

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