Zimbabwean Marketplace Series: Ownai

 Exactly 10 days after my last article, I return and we continue our marketplace website series, this being day 4. My apologies for being away for the past 10 days, I was working on my portfolio, tino.co.zw which I’m happy to announce that it’s finally online.

As I promised , day 4 will be about Ownai since I was supposed to write about it on day 3. 


Ownai is a Cassava Smarttech startup that has almost everything a Zimbabwean would look for in a marketplace. Yeah I gotta break it to you, I’m impressed. Ownai comes with the normal marketplace look whilst including it’s own features. Let’s dig in deeper.

How you can find them

Ownai has a website, ownai.co.zw and mobile apps for both Android and iOS available on their respective stores.

The UI

Ownai comes with a great and usable UI which has a few notable flaws. Firstly the site takes a lot of time to load, displaying it’s preloader on all of the products on the home screen, which drives away potential impatient customers, which is bad. Even the Google Pagespeed Insights test proved this as the site only got a positive result on SEO, you can see for yourself.

Judging by the results, Ownai has a lot to improve. Upon my first trial to view the site, I came across the annoying preloaders but I had to wait for it to load, although it took a lot of time. For someone who’s used to Netone’s bad reception, I thought it was because of my network but after the Pagespeed Insights results, I became certain it wasn’t because of my network. Here’s the screenshot of the specific section.


It’s perfect. That’s what I can say briefly as Ownai comes with perfectly categorized and grouped content. Which I really loved. Their menu has it all, under the correct categories. They even have a gaming category, where you’ll get some of the most popular PC games for sale. See, it’s perfect! 


Ownai has a lot of products available for sale from various sellers too. Their site is perfectly stocked and categorized. The only flaw with Ownai is the time it takes loading, but it’s not really long though. So if you’re looking for a marketplace to sell your products, or to buy something you’re looking for, Ownai is the perfect choice.

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