Zimbabwean Marketplace Series: Idhiri


Day 3 was initially supposed to be for Ownai but we’re now going to be talking about Cassava’s marketplace next time. A few minutes ago, I came across this marketplace which seems like it has been operating for a while now but I’d never heard of it. I present you Idhiri, a marketplace website I just discovered. When I discovered it, I just knew I had to write an article on it and here we are now. 


Idhiri seems like it hasn’t been operating for a long time judging by it’s level of popularity and also it’s content. The site just popped up on a google search and who am I to refuse to review something new to me. So I did. 


This is Idhiri’s most disappointing part, the design. The site’s good and decent to some extent but I just didn’t get those chills I get when I see good design. Starting from the status bar, they’re website has the 2017 experience on it. Especially on mobile. The design is far from modern if you ask me. Scrolling is also not smooth as it feels like it’s hindered by some kind of process which is still loading in the background. Overaly, the design is not bad, it’s just not as modern as I expected it to be. 


As I mentioned earlier, Idhiri doesn’t have that much content as compared to it’s counterparts which might just be one of the reasons holding it down. The site consists of a limited range of products and a few or no services of certain services. This is not Idhiri’s fault though, it’s only influenced by the number of people who are on the site.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Here are the usual, the google pagespeed insights which are surprisingly higher than the othe sites.

Notable features

Not everyone has a bad side, even in terms of websites. Idhiri.com has one specific feature, which I haven’t seen till now. They have multiple types of listings and each listing has it’s corresponding upload steps. Let’s not forget the buy option, with which one can choose to post a listing regarding the item they’re looking for. You can see below:


Idhiri stands out from the crowd with the last mentioned feature. Also with their design which I had some issues with, I can’t say it’s bad though, I’d be lying to myself.

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