Guide to creating a free domain name

So I wrote this article on creating websites with custom domain names, mentioning stuff about free domains but I’ve never wrote one on getting a free domain name.

First of all, What is a domain name?

A unique, case-insensitive, name, consisting of a string made up of alphanumeric characters and dashes separated by periods, that the Domain Name System maps to IP numbers and other information. 


A domain name is one of the primary keys for running a website. Top Level Domains (TLDs) are mostly for sale but today I bring you a list of free TLDs and how to get them. Before we continue I need to clarify on what a domain name is, with the use of examples.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

Example 5:

If you’ve noticed something on this list, all domain names have different domain extensions i.e,, and also all of these domain names are TLDs. On this list, I also included a free TLD which is the one marked in red and the .ga domain name is one of the free TLDs I’m going to list.

List of free TLDs






The above are all the free TLDs you can get online. Now let’s get started.

How to get a free domain name

There’s only one free domain registrar and that is Freenom, which I once spoke about in my other post, Creating a fully functional website with a custom domain name. Freenom provides all these domain names for free and that is free forever. However it’s quite hard to actually get the domain as this is a free service.

Before beginning the following steps, go to the US address generator site and generate a new US address and name information.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in using the information provided by the US address generator and only use your own email address and custom password

Step 3: Sign up

Step 4: Go back to the homepage,

Step 5: Type in your desired domain name with the domain’s extension i.e if you want a .tk domain you’ll type in – instead of just example. This will automatically enter your domain name into the shopping cart when you click ‘Check Availability’

Step 6: Continue with the process and when a prompt to enter the period, enter 12 months. (you’ll be able to renew this domain name the next year for free). Go on with the process till you reach the end. If there’s no error shown on the screen, this means that your domain name has been successfully created, you can now go to the my domains center to manage your domain name.

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