Can EduZone be the one that fills in the gap left by other ELearning softwares?

Source: EduZone

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 era in 2019 eLearning has boosted it’s outreach worldwide promoting more learning opportunities for students. Many softwares have sort of ‘replaced’ our traditional ways of learning and with the introduction of ChatGPT this has gotten better. Yes, it’s good for learners as it provides a wide range of information but this learning method doesn’t cover all the necessities particularly in our country. Those online learning platforms, bots and ChatGPT handles only provide the learning material which is good. But particularly for Zimbabwe, there are no past exam papers available on the internet. If you’ve looked for them you’ll understand where I’m coming from. This is where EduZone chips in. Eduzone is a WhatsApp bot specially made for online education for both primary and secondary education and it is 100% free, that too being available for all stages within the grade 1 – form 6 levels.

EduZone offers notes, question papers and marking schemes for Grade 7, O Level and A level students which are part of all these stages’ syllabuses. The bot also has a smart interaction system as users have to make their entries using links to their categories. This is where EduZone beats all the other eLearning platforms in Zimbabwe. As stated above, it has past exam papers and also their marking schemes and that’s basically every exam class student wants. And as we all know nothing is good completely, EduZone has got one flaw. The bot doesn’t have learning material for some levels. In my trial I discovered that there is no learning material for grades below grade 7 and also no learning material for O Level Computer Science and Biology.

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EduZone is a really useful tool particularly for the exam classes. All they need to do is to add content to the subjects that have no learning materials.

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