Are launchers safe for your Android device?

Launchers actually have pros and cons but I’m just going to list the negative side of launchers(for some reason).

A launcher is an android phone’s biggest threat when it comes to power consumption. Compared to the default launchers, external launchers consume more power since they are also add-ons to the android system. It simply means that launchers are also applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Spotify e.t.c hence they also consume power as long as they are running. A launcher might have the same power consumption as any of these apps but as I said ‘as long as they are running’, the launcher exceeds the power usage of any normal app because it’s always running even when your phone is on standby. This means that your phone’s battery will be drained by the launcher as long as it is activated and it doesn’t matter if you’re using our phone or not. 

For low end devices, a launcher might cause your device to crash frequently since it will be part of the running apps it will be taking up a lot of memory (RAM). Even for high performance devices it’s still the same scenario especially for gamers and straining a device’s memory will probably make it shut down or reboot unexpectedly.

If the launcher is harming your device these might be the signs:

  • Slow charging (or even charging backwards)
  • Frequently crashes
  • Unusual overheating

However, I’m not saying launchers are completely bad, some are lightweight apps and hence do not consume much of your device’s RAM and battery. So it’s safe to say that the use of a launcher is optional but it’s better to check out the pros and cons of using launchers.

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